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As a photographer and artist I'm an emotional firefly. I see something I love and I light up...

International, Award Winning 
Portrait Artist & Performance Photographer
Caroline Rutland

Caroline has over two decades of experience as a graphic artist in marketing and advertising and over a decade in photography both as a portrait artist and a performance photographer. Her projects have included clients such as CNN, AT&T, CMA Music Fest, Courtry Music Awards and various singers and music row producers and excutives

She is best known for her conceptual art portraiture of which she has won numerous awards as an international conceptual portrait artist. She is most well known for her Children's Literacy series as well as her Country Idiom series, of which one has notably gone viral. 

Caroline is now focusing her vast expertise and passion for performance into creating photo illustrative artworks just as complex as the pieces she created for her music row & company executives. 

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